Hat Tip Industries, Ltd. is the collection of services offered by Casey Burnett and Tristin Roney. Here is an incomplete list of such services:

Custodian of Domain rights:   You own the web address (i.e.  www.example.com)  and we manage it for you.  You pay us and we pay the online leasing moguls.   Owning an address is not hard up front over time it can be a hassle to keep it up to date and in communication with your server (server what?!?)

Hosting:   Hat Tip will host your website on our servers.  That means our custodian is natural partner with our serving it to online viewers.  Hosting services range in price and we are happy to set a sustainable and agree able rate with you.

Production:  We are hacks.  No, that’s a good thing in the technical world.  We will help produce and personalize and styled website for your website.  For best SEO and accessiblity standards it is smart to not start from scratch so we will build of tested and highly organized site code to meet your layout ideas and vision.  Simplicity is what google / bing / yahoo / etc. love.  It is also the way of the mobile browser future.  We’ll talk more.

Pre-production:  We can help “brand” or research and select a website domain.
Video Production:  Hat Tip also offers services to promote yourself in a personal way.  We can interview you, or others about you, put together a breif infomational / youtube video so you can be seen and heard.
Education: Hat Tip conducts training seminars to help professionals use their technology more productively. Everything from iPhones and iPads to networks and websites. Seminars are tailored to the needs of individual members so everyone gets the best possible use of their time.
What we don’t do:

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